The Sustainable Development Goals

The world in 2030. It’s the world of our children and grandchildren – the world they’ll grow into and help shape. It’s not just the world of tomorrow – it’s our world too, and one we can shape today. It’s an exciting prospect – but what does it look like?

That’s what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – officially adopted at the UN General Assembly on September 25th – seek to shape.

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They’re 17 goals, span a broad range of issues – from reducing inequality (Goal 10), to achieving gender equality (Goal 5), to promoting a more peaceful world (Goal 16). They’re goals that will shape national government policies, including here in the UK.

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Goal 13 commits governments to taking action to tackle climate change and its impacts. It also recognises that the global climate summit in Paris this December is the first major milestone on the road to achieving the goals.

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That’s why it’s so important that as we approach the summit, when world leaders will meet to discuss climate change, the UK government pushes for a really ambitious global deal on limiting carbon emissions – and defines how it will meet the goals at home with a clear plan for decarbonisation. A deal would be an important step on the way to achieving the goals  – and the world we want, for everyone.

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