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Valentine’s Day turned green!

This year, world leaders will make decisions that will affect us all and we need them to feel our love for things we could lose to climate change.

That’s why — with the help of some familiar faces and many people and organisations around the country — we decided to start something special this February.

From a love poem film to Valentine’s messages to green hearts to many voices and political pledges, here are just a few highlights of a very special week…

A simple love poem captured hearts nationwide

More than half a million of you showed the love by watching our stunning short film featuring the likes of Stephen Fry, Meera Syal, and Jarvis Cocker give a beautiful rendition of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.

Very different Valentine’s messages

We asked you to send an alternative Valentine to show the love for all the things we could lose to climate change. From sunsets to walks in the woods, birds to panda bears, future generations to life itself… many sent beautiful, heartfelt messages to their loved ones with our online give your heart tool.

Hearts turned green

This Valentine’s Day was a chance to wear your heart on your sleeve for all you hold dear. We asked you to show the love and raise awareness of climate change by making, wearing and sharing green hearts – here’s a flavour of some of the unique, creative and inspiring hearts you created.

Valentine’s voices everywhere

And as the love grew and grew, from celebrities to business leaders voices in the UK and beyond came together in support.

Party leaders listened – and pledged

And the outpouring of love reached to political leaders too. Inspired by so many voices calling for strong climate action, in an exceptional development David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband agreed to work together across party lines to tackle climate change.

Thank you for showing the love!

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