Lima climate talks: leadership or lacklustre?

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Photo: Ed Davey, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change with Bishop Gomes of Dhaka, Bangladesh at the Lima climate talks

During early December governments from around the world met in Lima, Peru, to try to push forward on a global climate deal. It was a fitting venue as Peru’s glaciers melt faster and faster, affecting the lives of 30 million people.

With so many world powers in one room, did they come to a powerful agreement? Did they raise their voices like tens of thousands of you have and commit to the real action we need on climate change? Not yet.

There weren’t enough long-term commitments on the finance needed to adapt to climate change, on reducing emissions, or on helping those countries who will most bear the brunt of climate change to deal with it.

The good news at least is that others, from local communities to cities to companies, can and are doing more outside these talks. Regardless of progress in the global talks, the UK Government has got to deliver on its existing pledges to cut emissions here at home, be more ambitious – whoever’s in power after the May election – and push other countries to greater ambition too.

But a worldwide problem like climate change needs a worldwide solution. Much more needs to happen to get a really ambitious and fair global climate change deal, which will be agreed at talks in Paris at the end of next year – this is the big date we’re building up to.

To get there we can’t wait a year: the clock’s ticking fast and we need global leaders to step up and lead. For the love of all we hold dear, let’s keep doing everything we can in the UK. If you haven’t already, please sign up to the campaign and be part of the big things we’re planning next year – together we can get the action we want and the change we need.qlikview qlikинтернет продвижение рекламамонтаж паркета штучногокупить трансформеровинструменты вебмастераcargo palletscargo informationцена ноутбука асер – The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.